Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arte - Van Gogh's Easel

Amsterdam: Van Gogh's Life and Art

Almond Blossoms : A Vincent Van Gogh Story

This is a short portion of an animated video for sale. This company has other animated offerings as well.

Grandma Moses: Emily, Jade and Brooke.mov

Grandma Moses :LeahAnne jazmin .mov

Alexander Calder- Katelyn and Anna.dv

Jackson Pollock: Branden and Lizzy

Roy Lichtenstein- Mike Carson and Ryan Cooper.mov

Georgia O'Keeffe: Emma and Shannon

Edward Hopper- Ellie and Lauren.mov


Norman Rockwell- Jakiaya and Maddie.mov

Mary Cassatt- Aubrey and Alex.mov

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Classic Sesame Street: Sand Sculptures

Sesame Street - Biff Helps Salvador Dada

Sesame Street: What a Piece of Paper!

Sesame Street - Sing Your Synonyms

Sesame Street - Fat Blue orders from Speedy Pizza

Time filler after preschool pizza lesson.

I am a pizza - Charlotte diamond - 10 Carrot Diamond

I might use this as a lesson sparker for a preschool sub lesson. The little ones can watch this....talk about what kinds of things they would want to put on a pizza and then create a paper pizza. If there is time left over, I would have the sub show some other pizza videos. This isn't all I would do if I were teaching the lesson, but that might be as much as a sub would want to do.

Fire Truck by Ivan Ulz

Friday, April 16, 2010